Our families know what we need to lift up our communities. But are policymakers listening?

Do Election 2020 candidates know, understand, or even care about issues facing low-income families? If recent election coverage is any indication…it doesn’t seem like it. Candidates aren’t talking about low-income families, and reporters and debate moderators sure aren’t pressing the subject.

When it comes to shaping our country's policies and future, what about us? What about our families?

Election 2020 will be pivotal in shaping the lives and well-being of our members, our allies, our families. As we move quickly toward the new year, Equal Voice Action wants you to join us as we ask #WhatAboutUs #WhatAboutFamilies?

We have to raise our collective voices and urge candidates, media and voters to focus on the critical issues facing low-income families.  As candidates grace our television screens and criss-cross the country in an attempt to win our hearts and our votes, we must ask them to unveil their concrete plans for supporting America’s low-income families. As media outlets analyze and endorse candidates, we must work together to ensure they’re including the needs of low-income families in their recommendations.

Poor and low-income families deserve an Equal Voice…in 2020 and beyond. There are a number of things you can do today to support the campaign and help make this vision a reality:

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