Ubuntu Village is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide programming that delivers social, economic, and transformational justice to youth and their families.

Based in New Orleans, Ubuntu Village is an organizational member and partner of Equal Voice Action. 

Ubuntu Village's work is rooted in the belief that we need to work together as a community to support families and children, create economically sustainable solutions, promote education, innovation, and creativity, and foster transformational justice. "Ubuntu" is a South African word that means "I am because we are."

Through tackling issues like juvenile justice, mass incarceration, racism, unemployment, trauma, joblessness, individualism, and divisiveness, Ubuntu Village works toward more just and equitable solutions that enable people confronted with multiple oppressions to overcome them in unity.

Equal Voice Action partners with Ubuntu Village through The Village Project to help parents and families support their young family members involved in the court system, access resources and opportunities, and advance family-led systems reform.

We believe that the individuals and families who are directly impacted by poverty, racism, and incarceration are best positioned to propose workable and just solutions for our communities. We believe that families should have a say in creating solutions to ensure that everyone in our community is safer.

Through our dual membership model, Ubuntu + EVA members receive case-by-case guidance and mentorship as they navigate the courts for young family members, along with opportunities for leadership development, education, advocacy, and more. Together, we are building a network of parents and families to lead change in our community. 

Ubuntu + EVA Member Benefits

  • Get step-by-step support as you navigate the courts for a young family member

  • Take part in leadership training and research opportunities to share and build your knowledge

  • Join fellow community leaders, families, and organizations to take action and strengthen our collective power

  • Access resources and opportunities

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