Civic Engagement

Spanning across issues and communities, EVA members and allies are driving civic engagement in varied and powerful ways, from engaging voters and fighting for voter rights, to building capacity and coalitions for effective advocacy, and seeding movements for social change. Actions & Resources


Support immigration reform that keeps families intact. Provide more pathways to citizenship. Separate the responsibilities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the police. Immigrant Inclusion: Good for Families, Communities, and the Economy Nearly all economists agree that immigrants—including those who are undocumented—provide a net positive value in our economy. Ensuring that immigrants are able to manifest their economic potential is … Read More

Fair Lending

Stop predatory small-dollar lenders from charging unreasonable interest rates. Give consumers reasonable options to keep out of endless debt traps. Keep big banks out of the payday loan business.  

Criminal Justice Reform

Address the criminal justice system’s disparate impact on communities of color. Reinstate voting rights and eligibility for safety-net programs for ex-offenders upon their parole. Help ex-offenders to rebuild and keep their families together. Criminal Justice Reform: Good for Families, Communities, and the Economy America’s criminal justice system serves as a major structural barrier to racial economic inclusion. Incarceration causes financial hardship … Read More

Health Care

Provide universal access to affordable health and dental care, including mental health services. Ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are met. Improve public programs, such as Medicaid, by making them simpler to apply to and easier to access. High-Quality Affordable Health Care for All: Good for Families, Communities, and the Economy Healthy people are the foundation of thriving, … Read More

ARISE: Alabama’s Costly Catch-22 Medicaid Waiver Plan Would Punish Parents in Poverty

Arise Citizens’ Policy Project policy director Jim Carnes issued the following statement Monday, July 2, 2018, in response to Alabama Medicaid’s submission of a “work requirement” proposal for federal approval: “Alabama Medicaid’s work requirement proposal would create a no-win situation for thousands of parents living in deep poverty. They’ll lose health coverage if they don’t get a job – and if … Read More

Rally for Families at the Border: Member Photos

On June 28th, EVA members joined the Rally for Families at the Border to protest the separation, detention, and criminalization of immigrant families. The rally was sponsored by the American Civil Liberties Union of Texas, Rio Grande Valley Equal Voice Network, United We Dream, National Domestic Workers Alliance, Moms Rising, Move On, and America’s Voice.