In Alabama: The Work to Halt Falling Rates of Insured Children

By Katherine Webb-Hehn | Originally published on January 14, 2020 by Equal Voice News A report found more than 10,000 children in Alabama lost health insurance in a single year, part of a disturbing national trend. Community leaders and parents in the state are working to reverse that fact, given the importance of access to health care for families. Having … Read More

We are Losing our Black Youth in New Orleans, and it’s a Crisis – The Advocate

EVA Issues in the News In an op-ed for The Advocate (Baton Rouge), Equal Voice Action Board Member and Ubuntu Village Director Ernest Johnson calls for compassionate, community-based systems reform in New Orleans, where Black youth face a crisis of criminalization, over-policing, and mass incarceration. Click through to read the full op-ed, highlighting Ubuntu’s family-led work to counter this crisis, and learn … Read More

Protect Social Security: Add Your Name and Tell Trump to “Back off SSDI”

By Equal Voice Action | January 16, 2020 Some Americans will lose Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if the Trump administration has its way. Sign our petition telling the Trump administration to back off from cutting SSDI benefits, before the public comment period closes on January 31. Under the Trump administration’s proposed change, the government would look more closely at … Read More

Roadmap to Reducing Child Poverty: Where 2020 Presidential Candidates Stand

By Equal Voice Action | January 10, 2020 Are 2020 presidential candidates committed to reducing child poverty? Learn about a detailed plan for cutting child poverty in the U.S. in half, and view the End Child Poverty U.S. scorecard of where candidates stand on this vital issue. As we ask #WhatAboutUs in the 2020 elections, we need to know where … Read More

November 2019 Newsletter

NOVEMBER 2019 #WhatAboutUs? Our families know what we need to lift up our communities. But are policymakers listening?  Do Election 2020 candidates know, understand, or even care about our issues? If recent election coverage is any indication…it doesn’t seem like it. Candidates aren’t talking about low-income families, and reporters and debate moderators sure aren’t pressing the subject. When it comes to shaping … Read More

Protect Outdoor Workers: Sign-On Letter Calls for Heat Protections for Florida’s Workers

By Equal Voice Action | December 10, 2019 Equal Voice ally Farmworker Association of Florida and partners are leading a heat stress protections campaign for Florida’s outdoor workers. Florida-based individuals and organizations can sign on to the letter here calling for common-sense heat exposure protections for outdoor workers in one of the country’s most impacted states. For more information about … Read More