Support immigration reform that keeps families intact and out of jails and detention camps. Provide more pathways to authorized residence and citizenship. Stop the criminalization of acts of immigration and asylum seeking. Keep the police out of immigration matters and stop the militarization of ICE.

Immigrant Inclusion: Good for Families, Communities, the Economy, and the Country

Nearly all economists agree that immigrants—including those who are undocumented—provide a significant net positive value in our economy. Ensuring that immigrants are able to fulfill their economic potential is both the right thing to do and a smart economic strategy. America needs immigrants!

Economic Benefits of Immigrant Inclusion

  • Spurs economic activity and growth
  • Catalyzes business development and increased revenue
  • Creates more jobs and higher wages for all
  • Revitalizes communities, cities, regions and the country

Key Challenges to Immigrant Inclusion

  • Political opposition based on racism, xenophobia, isolationism and scapegoating
  • Negative narratives about immigrants that have no bases in fact
  • The extreme vulnerability of immigrants and asylum seekers, especially children and families, at every step of their journeys to authorized residence and citizenship
  • Failure to recognize that the majority of the country supports immigration
  • Legal frameworks that are overly complex
  • Under-resourced immigration systems and processes, combined with a wasteful emphasis on deterrence

What Can We Do to Increase Immigrant Inclusion?

  • Challenge political racism, xenophobia, isolationism and scapegoating
  • Interrupt negative narratives based on untruths
  • Roll back regressive state and local immigration laws
  • Create immigrant-inclusive policies, such as:
    • Facilitate naturalization and asylum-seeking processes
    • Provide access to driver’s licenses or municipal ID cards regardless of immigration status
    • Adopt state-level DREAM acts
    • Pass language-access policies
  • Streamline our immigration systems and processes, making them less costly and more immigration-friendly
  • Limit the role of local law enforcement in immigration matters

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