Provide universal access to affordable health and dental care, including mental health services. Ensure that the needs of children, people with disabilities, and seniors are met. Eliminate disparities in health care for rural communities and communities of color. Make public programs, such as Medicaid, simpler to apply to and easier to access. Roll back barriers to participation that are based on stereotypes of, and bias against, the poor.

High-Quality Affordable Health Care for All: Good for Families, Communities, and the Economy

Healthy people are the foundation of thriving, productive economies, but wide inequities in health persist across the U.S. Access to affordable, quality health care can improve overall health and well-being, help ensure that all community members can contribute to and benefit from economic growth and prosperity, and prevent fiscal catastrophes at the local, state, and national levels caused by the exploding cost of widespread untreated chronic conditions.

Economic Benefits of High-Quality Affordable Health Care

  • More productive workers
  • More jobs, earnings, and tax revenues
  • A healthier population resulting in reduced health-care costs
  • Increased health security for entrepreneurs, contributing to a more robust economy

Key Challenges to Healthy Communities and High-Quality Affordable Health Care

  • Higher rates of preventable diseases tied to poverty, race, age, gender, and geography
  • Inequitable access to care and lower quality care tied to these differences
  • Higher health care burdens for those least able to afford them

What Can We Do to Increase Community Health and Health Care Access for All?

  • Expand affordable health insurance coverage
  • Fully fund public programs and make them more accessible
  • Broaden and deepen food security programs for children and other vulnerable persons
  • Invest in community health centers
  • Fully fund community-based, culturally competent preventive health programs
  • Increase health care career pathways in communities of color


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