Equal Voice Action was formed by and for poor and low-income families to use their voices to influence policies that improve the economic and social well-being of all families.

We believe that our nation should be one in which everyone is treated fairly and equitably, and that, consistent with our national value of democracy, our political processes should be accessible and accountable to all.

We believe that strong families make America stronger, that all families should be treated with dignity and respect, that no family should live in poverty, that change is driven from the ground up, and that poor and low-income families are the experts on what solutions are needed to lift our communities out of poverty.

Elections are a critical opportunity for our families to hold candidates accountable, both for knowing what issues are most important to us and for taking clear stands on those issues.

While the stakes for any election are high, Election 2020 will be pivotal in shaping the lives and well-being of our members, our allies, our families.

As part of our efforts to support our members in holding candidates accountable, between now and November 2020, we will focus on key issue areas that are of vital importance to the well-being of poor and low-income families.

We will lift up these issue areas, bringing together new and past contributions from members, allies, and other thought leaders, so that the EVA community and our broader network can use these shared resources in their own strategies and work.

We will also highlight the varied and powerful ways EVA members and allies are driving civic engagement, from engaging voters and fighting for voter rights, to building capacity and coalitions for effective advocacy, and seeding movements for social change.

And we will spotlight local opportunities for members and allies to learn more, and to engage with organizations working in their states and regions.

We live in a deeply challenging time for families. Rising economic inequality, rapid technological change, and persistent inequities across lines of race, gender, identity, and immigration status threaten the ability of more and more families to keep themselves afloat or lift themselves up.

But in this moment, we are also seeing newly empowered leaders and voices, rising from our communities to the halls of power, that are giving light to important perspectives, experiences, and pathways that have been ignored for far too long. The call for change is getting louder.

In this moment of both challenge and opportunity, Equal Voice Action is committed to helping our members and allies ensure that our elected officials and other policy makers are hearing our voices, honoring our values, and taking real and concrete steps to improve the economic and social well-being of poor and low-income families.

These are families who do much of the hard work that makes our country run. These are families who are distinguished from others not by character but by lack of justice and opportunity. These are families who deserve an equal voice.

In 2020, and beyond, these families—our families—must be heard.

To get involved and stay up-to-date on the latest news and action opportunities, join with us to make families heard.

Have ideas, resources, or opportunities to share? Send them to ideas@equalvoiceaction.org.

Explore resources, opportunities, and news across our priority issues for Election 2020:

While EVA will focus on these identified issue areas in 2020, we continue to welcome and share contributions by EVA members and allies in all of our issue areas relevant to the well-being of poor and low-income families. View our Issues here.