Equal Voice Action is a national membership organization in which families are members and leaders.

The Equal Voice Action movement was forged through our shared purpose in seeking equal voice and opportunity for our poor and low-income families and the millions more we seek to empower.

We believe that change is driven from the ground up. Individuals and families are the experts on what solutions are needed to lift them and their communities out of poverty. We exist to help them build their voice and power to shape policies that affect their communities and ensure that no family lives in poverty.

We know challenge, we know hard work, and we are resolved in our vision for a more equitable and just America where the voices of all families are heard. Our families and communities face a difficult moment. Rising to this challenge is exactly what Equal Voice Action was built for. Join our movement the more voices we can bring together, the stronger our impact will be.

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Nobody knows your needs, your families, and your communities the way you do. Every issue – from education to tax policy – is a family issue. We fight for the issues and campaigns that our membership tells us are the most important to their lives. Drawing on the Equal Voice National Family Platform, our current priority issues reflect the urgent needs of our families.

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We believe:

  • No family should live in poverty
  • Every issue is a family issue
  • All families should have an equal voice in shaping the policies that affect their communities
  • Families can lead movements for lasting social change
  • Strong families make America stronger
  • A unified coalition representing the diverse voices and needs of families can change the way people view poverty in America

We value: 

  • A society in which everyone is treated fairly and equitably
  • Dignity and respect for all families
  • A political process that is accessible and accountable to all
  • Elevating the voices of poor people
  • Working together through collective action to make change
  • Honoring diversity and confronting racism and discrimination


Equal Voice Action (EVA) grew out of a decade-long effort by Marguerite Casey Foundation and its grantee partners to determine the best way for poor and low-income families to have a voice in the local, regional and national policies that affected their daily lives. The Foundation and its grantees held 65 town hall meetings across the country, culminating on September 8, 2008, when 15,000 families came together in Birmingham, Chicago and Los Angeles to adopt the first Equal Voice National Family Platform, based on the issues families had identified as central to their well-being.


Family Advisory Community

Board Members


EVA members and allies represent poor and low-income families and the organizations that elevate their voices all over the county.