The Equal Voice Action movement was forged through our shared purpose in seeking equal voice and opportunity for our low-income and poor families and the millions more we seek to empower. We know challenge, we know hard work, and we are resolved in our vision for a more equitable, prosperous, and just America where the voices of all families are heard.

Our families and communities face a difficult moment. Rising to this challenge is precisely what Equal Voice Action was built for. We need your input on the issues and resources that matter most to you as we look ahead in these uncertain times and consider the potential impact of the changes we are seeing under this administration.

Let’s strengthen our current partnerships and build more alliances with common cause organizations who are working to make a difference in communities throughout our country. And, above all, let’s grow our movement, because the more voices we can rally to our cause, the more powerful and comprehensive our impact will be.

Together, we are giving voice to and empowering all families.

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Equal Voice Action Equal Voice Action


Nobody knows your needs, your families, and your communities the way you do. Every issue – from education to tax policy – is a family issue. But some issues are much more important or more urgent than others. We fight for the issues and campaigns that our membership tells us are the most important to their lives.

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Address the criminal justice system’s disparate impact on communities of color. Reinstate voting rights and eligibility for safety-net programs for ex-offenders upon their parole. Help ex-offenders to rebuild and keep their families together.


Stop predatory small-dollar lenders from charging unreasonable interest rates. Give consumers reasonable options to keep out of endless debt traps. Keep big banks out of the payday loan business.


Restore voting rights to people with past criminal convictions. Modernize voter registration to include automatic registration for all eligible individuals. Fight discrimination against voters, and work toward giving all Americans an equal voice in our democracy.


Provide adequate, affordable housing and care for all seniors to live with dignity. Protect economic security. Support grandparents raising grandchildren.


Increase access to quality, affordable childcare for families of all economic backgrounds. Invest more money in child care subsidies and early childhood education. Prepare young children to succeed.


Support all students to succeed. Involve parents in school decisions and in their children's education. Eliminate zero-tolerance policies that push students out of school. Provide access to college preparation classes. Make college more affordable.


Pass living wage laws. Enforce labor laws for all workers, including domestic workers. Stop wage theft. Provide paid sick days for workers. Promote local hiring and workforce development.


Ensure that all families have access to clean air and safe water. Guarantee that low-income families are fairly represented in all land use, regulation, and community development decisions.


Ensure that all families have access to affordable, healthy food.

Provide universal access to affordable health and dental care, including mental health services. Ensure that the needs of people with disabilities are met. Improve public programs, such as Medicaid, by making them simpler to apply to and easier to access.


Build affordable housing. Prevent families from being displaced by development and gentrification. Protect the rights of tenants.
Support immigration reform that keeps families intact. Provide more pathways to citizenship. Separate the responsibilities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the police.


Recognize and support the legitimacy of all families.


Guarantee access to safe, reliable, and affordable public transportation that serves all families where they live, work and go to school. Invest in transportation infrastructure.


Strengthen leadership and organizing skills of youth so that they can take an active role in their communities. Prepare youth to succeed in college and the workplace. Support summer jobs programs for youth.


Equal Voice Action (EVA) grew out of a decade-long effort by Marguerite Casey Foundation and its grantee partners to determine the best way for poor and low-income families to have a voice in the local, regional and national policies that affected their daily lives. The Foundation and its grantees held 65 town hall meetings across the country, culminating on September 8, 2008, when 15,000 families came together in Birmingham, Chicago and Los Angeles to adopt the first Equal Voice National Family Platform, based on the issues families had identified as central to their well-being.

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EVA members and allies represent poor and low-income families and the organizations that elevate their voices all over the county.