Protect Social Security: Add Your Name and Tell Trump to “Back off SSDI”

By Equal Voice Action | January 24, 2020

Some Americans will lose Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits if the Trump administration has its way. Sign our petition telling the Trump administration to back off from cutting SSDI benefits, before the public comment period closes on January 31.

Under the Trump administration’s proposed change, the government would look more closely at whether certain SSDI recipients still qualify as “disabled” after they’ve already been awarded those benefits. Currently, recipients have to demonstrate their continuing disability every few years. But the Trump administration is proposing these examinations happen more frequently, potentially running still-eligible beneficiaries out of the program. 

There is no justification for this policy,” Alex Lawson, executive director of Social Security Works, said. “The United States already has some of the strictest eligibility criteria for disability benefits in the world. More than half of all claims are denied. We should be making it easier for workers to claim the Social Security benefits they’ve earned with every paycheck, not harder.”

More than 8 million Americans receive disability benefits based on past employment and a loss of wage income due to the onset of a severe disability. This new Trump rule could potentially hurt thousands and thousands of low-income and disabled families.

Add your name and tell Trump to “Back off SSDI”.