EVA 2019 Community Survey: Member Actions & Priorities

Thank you to the many members and allies who participated in our spring 2019 survey of the Equal Voice Action community. We received responses from EVA members and allies across at least 14 states and representing more than 50 organizations across the Equal Voice Network. 

Here’s what you told us.

Equal Voice Action members and allies are taking action online to stand up for and speak out on the issues that are most important to you. 

EVA members are most often signing online petitions, sharing calls to action on social media, emailing or calling lawmakers, and submitting comments on state and federal policy proposals. 

In addition to online actions, members and allies also highlighted how they are taking action through organized rallies and protests; visits to local and state capitals and federal buildings; submitting public testimony to lawmakers; and fostering community engagement at grassroots meetings and convenings.

Members, allies, and their families are seeking opportunities to build and exercise their voice and power, and fight back against the policies, practices, and perceptions that stifle or take away their voice and power.

We asked members and allies to rank the following issue areas in order of their importance to you and your families:

Fair Work

Fair access to good jobs, living wages, essential benefits, safe working conditions, and paid sick and family leave

Good Health

Quality, affordable health care, addiction treatment, and mental health services; clean water; healthy food

Family Economic Security

Strong social safety net programs like temporary food and cash assistance and Social Security; family-friendly policies like housing and childcare assistance; consumer protections like fair lending

Equal Voice

Building the power of poor and low-income families through voting, organizing, and advocacy; fighting voter suppression, mass incarceration, and the criminalization of poverty, migrants, and people of color

While members identified a range of intersectional issues as deeply important to them and their families, issues of Equal Voice — building and protecting the voice and power of low-income families — drew the most votes (46%) as members’ top priority.

Equal Voice was followed in ranking as members’ first priority by Fair Work (22%), Good Health (18%), and Family Economic Security (14%).

Respondents also called out a number of specific issues aligned with these core issue areas. 

Among specific issues, immigration was the most cited by respondents, followed by climate justice, education, housing, and health care. Other key issue areas for members include protecting and ensuring a fair and full 2020 Census, combating racism and mass incarceration, and defending and advancing women’s rights.

As Equal Voice Action looks to expand our digital organizing activities and ramp up our Election 2020 initiative with Equal Voice allies, we will be spotlighting and lifting up actions, resources, and news across these member-driven issues, with a particular focus on highlighting their intersections and impact on our families and communities.

In the case of immigration, for example, we will continue to spotlight how policy decisions are affecting families in far-reaching ways — how family separation and detention criminalize and hurt migrant families and communities and undermine their access to Equal Voice; how proposals to redefine “public charge” and evict mixed-status families from public housing stifle access to essential resources and benefits that promote Good Health and Family Economic Security; and how migrant workers, like all workers, deserve Fair Work protections from exploitation, wage theft, and dangerous working conditions.

Across these and other issues, we invite members and allies to share your news, action opportunities, and voice with us for sharing out broadly across our network.

Share your resources here, or send your news and action opportunities to ideas@equalvoiceaction.org, and be sure to follow and tag us on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you again to our members and many allies for sharing your voice on the issues and actions that matter most to you.

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