Support immigration reform that keeps families intact. Provide more pathways to citizenship. Separate the responsibilities of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the police.

Immigrant Inclusion: Good for Families, Communities, and the Economy

Nearly all economists agree that immigrants—including those who are undocumented—provide a net positive value in our economy. Ensuring that immigrants are able to manifest their economic potential is both the right thing to do and a smart economic strategy.

Economic Benefits of Immigrant Inclusion

  • Business development
  • Job creation
  • Community revitalization
  • Increased economic activity
  • Increased revenue
  • Higher wages for all

Key Challenges to Immigrant Inclusion

  • Opposed political opposition
  • Complex legal framework
  • Extreme vulnerability

What Can We Do to Increase Immigrant Inclusion?

  • Adopt state-level DREAM acts
  • Create immigrant inclusion policies:
    • Provide access to driver’s licenses or municipal ID cards regardless of immigration status
    • Limit the participation of local law enforcement with Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    • Pass language-access policies; facilitate naturalization process
  • Roll back regressive state and local immigration laws

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