Radio EVA Episode 2: Joyce Lee & David Luna

Listen to Joyce Lee and David Luna discuss David’s new role as Executive Director, his work in fighting for economic and social justice, and what’s on the horizon for Equal Voice Action.

In this episode of Radio EVA, Equal Voice Action Board Chair Joyce Lee hosted a call with incoming Executive Director David Luna to discuss his new role and welcome him to the Equal Voice Action community.

David shared his background in fighting for economic and social justice, including his humble roots growing up in a working-class family in Chicago, and his deep commitment to service and leadership in support of equity for families and communities.

David also shared his perspectives on the many strengths of the Equal Voice Action community, and his vision for partnering with EVA members and families to translate goals into action.

“We need to be able to start to show that this idea of millions of families working together across the country for common cause – that that ideal can become a reality,” said David. “That’s our work, that’s our challenge; I think that’s our primary focus right now.”

David spoke about the power EVA members and families have in leading this movement:

“Change really comes best from the ground level. We have people who have been working on issues at the local level. We have low-income families themselves who have been in this struggle. They know the conditions they are dealing with. They know the challenges. And I think they have pretty good ideas as to solutions. So as an organization, EVA needs to see its purpose as creating the conditions, the opportunities, for those voices to actually drive this process of change.”

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To learn more about David, read the announcement of his appointment as Executive Director.

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