David Luna | Executive Director

Chicago, IL

David Luna is a longtime economic and social justice advocate with more than two decades of leadership experience and service in the social sector. He has extensive experience as an executive director and senior manager of nonprofit organizations, and as a consultant and coach to other nonprofit leaders. Working across sectors, Luna has led organizations and initiatives focused on justice for low-income workers, education justice, health equity, housing justice, and justice for immigrants. He has particular strengths in developing and implementing new strategic directions, revamping initiatives for maximum impact, building strong management teams, moving staff toward high-performance, and managing crisis.  

Prior to Equal Voice Action, Luna served as Executive Director of Open Communities, where he worked to enhance the organization’s capacity to deliver on its mission of building more equitable and inclusive communities in north suburban Chicago. Previously, Luna led a cross-sector health equity initiative to better serve under-resourced communities and communities of color through public policy influence and data-driven improvements in health care. Luna also laid the foundation for Latinos United, an organization that generated over $70 million in new housing resources for low-income communities in Chicago. As a volunteer, Luna has led organizations such as the Great Lakes Regional Health Equity Council, the National Association of Latino Healthcare Executives, and Partners for a Racism-Free Community.

Through these and other equity-focused initiatives, Luna has honed a broad range of expertise, including organizational leadership and program design, as well as policy advocacy and collaboration with organizers and community leaders on the front lines of driving change.

Luna earned a Certificate in Nonprofit Management and an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago, a JD from the University of Chicago, and a Graduate Certificate in Policy Analysis from the University of North Dakota. He also holds certificates in organizing from the Midwest Academy and Gamaliel, in racial justice from Crossroads and other providers, and in organizational development from NTL and the Gestalt Institute. He has served as faculty for various leadership programs, particularly those focused on communities of color.